✺ About us

The Singer-Zahariev Foundation is a non-profit organisation established with the aim of promoting contemporary art in Bulgaria. The main focus of the Foundation is the support to Bulgarian artists  and curators across the spectrum of the arts.  This will include exhibitions, performances, workshops, on-site artistic interventions and other events.

The Foundation will support residences for artists and curators in Bulgaria and abroad.

Through its activities, the Foundation will also aim to establish an inclusive connection and relationship between contemporary arts and the people beyond urban areas, reaching out to rural communities of the country.

The Foundation aims are:   

✺  to support Bulgarian contemporary artists in their work by creating opportunities to work and exhibit;

✺  to establish a vibrant international atmosphere that promotes the exchange of ideas and innovation;

✺  to generate peer-to- peer learning and a professional development for artists through artist-led workshops, residencies, exhibitions and other public events;

✺  to create a platform for a fruitful exchange between different ways of life and generations;   

✺  to establish links between visiting artists and the people in the local area communities in order to explore the relationship between art, craft and the preservation of the village heritage;

✺  through an active cultural and visiting programme, develop new opportunities for the people in rural areas who have been negatively affected by structural and societal changes in the Balkans region.

✺ Contact Information

Co-Founders: Kathrin Singer-Sachariewa and Kamen Zahariev
Executive Director: Kamen Zahariev
Registration number: EIK 206476727

✺ Donations

The Singer-Zahariev Foundation gladly receives financial support for its projects, please find our bank information below:

KBC Bank Bulgaria

Beneficiary: Singer-Zahariev Foundation

IBAN: BG75RZBB91551013259170

Grant Program 2023 — Rolling Invitation

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