"SZ CONTACT" Grant Program – Rolling Invitation 2022

The Singer-Zahariev Foundation has a strong belief in the value of making real-life contacts across borders and between diverse communities. Beginning in 2022, the Foundation is launching a program of grants to promote the aims of the Foundation which include support for Bulgarian contemporary art institutions, artists and curators across the spectrum of the visual arts.

The main idea of the grant programme is to provide simple and non-bureaucratic funding for projects and activities which support international collaboration and connect artists and international art professionals.

Specific focus of support is for:
  • Participation of Bulgarian artists in international exhibitions, biennales, festivals, and competitions.

  • Involvement of international artists, curators, and institutions in contemporary art activities in Bulgaria.

  • peer-to- peer learning and a professional development for artists through artist-led workshops, residencies, exhibitions and other public events.

  • Exhibitions, workshops, on-site artistic interventions and other events.

  • Print publications, catalogues, online events, sites etc.

  • Residences for artists and curators in Bulgaria and abroad.

  • promoting contemporary art activities in regional centres and rural regions in Bulgaria.

  • Other initiatives which promote the aims of the SZ Foundation.

The Grant Program requirements and process:

Priority will be given to projects which already have secured a significant share of the necessary funding either through own funds or financing from external sources (local, European or other international structures), but which have a funding gap and require additional funding to fully implement the aim of the proposed project or activity. The projects and activities should be not for profit.

The individual grant amounts will be in the indicative range of 500 to 5000 Leva.

Proposals can be submitted by individuals, public and private institutions.

The proposals for grants under the SZ CONTACT Program can be submitted at any time on a “rolling invitation” basis. They will be reviewed and approved by the managing body of the Foundation on a quarterly basis and evaluated according to the above criteria and the availability of budget.  

It is expected that on average 4-10 projects will be approved annually for the duration of the Program.

Submission process:

Project proposals should be submitted by filling out the application form.

The applications will be reviewed at the end of every quarter.

Applicants will then present the project in a personal interview and provide additional materials if necessary. Projects selected for funding will be informed at the end of the calendar quarter following the application.