CONTACT with Poiema

The Singer-Zahariev Foundation is proud to support the Poiema art residency in Bregovo – a series of workshops and public events that will enrich the local cultural atmosphere in the most North-western part of Bulgaria. This collaboration is the first within the CONTACT platform – a program soon to be launched by the Singer-Zahariev Foundation […]

Congratulations to Krasimira!

It was not easy to come to a decision, but after some deliberations, the jury decided to award the prize to Krasimira Butseva’s project “The Curtain”. Using contemporary artistic language, Krasimira has thoroughly researched and combined personal, local and historical elements in her work truly bringing “History in the Present”. We are now looking forward […]

Site visit with Krasimira Butseva

It was a rainy day today in the village. But what an interesting one. Krasimira Butseva, shortlisted in out Open Call, came for a site visit. We had a wonderful exchange about so many topics. Art in the UK and Bulgaria, residencies, politics, how to intervene and probably not destroy. Looking forward for many new […]

Site visit with Elenka Nazarova

The first real summer day in the village and a wonderful visitor. Elenka Nazarova, shortlisted in our Open Call, came for a site visit.

Site visit with Slav Nedev and Alexander Valchev

On the 18th May we started the site visits of our Open Call. It was a very active day. Slav Nedev came to Malak Izvor in the morning. Alexander Valchev in the afternoon. The weather was just perfect with a constantly changing sky and a wonderful view from the roof over the village.

Shortlisted artists event

A week ago the Singer-Zahariev Foundation announced the five shortlisted artists who took part in the Open Call “History is in the Present”. We were overwhelmed by the great number of entries for the open call and the interest shown by so many artists. A big “Thank you” to Maria Vasileva who made it possible […]


(deadline 15th February 2021) The Singer-Zahariev Foundation – a private family foundation being established to support contemporary art – is launching an Open Call reaching out to all artists in or from Bulgaria. The site-specific artwork to be commissioned will be situated in a contemporary living space designed by I/O Architects in a rural location which – in addition […]