Context AiR Plovdiv – News from Home, Anne Fehres & Luke Conroy

Digital Collage on a Facade, 2022


August 14, Sunday

between 7 pm and 10 pm

The work will be on display for visitors within the next few months until the end of 2022

Location: Back of the BNT-Regional Television Centre Plovdiv building, 8 Nayden Gerov St, at Sahat Tepe hill


NEWS FROM HOME is an ongoing project by the artist duo Anne Fehres and Luke Conroy, capturing overlooked stories from communities. The ninth edition of this project took place in Plovdiv, as part of Context AiR.

The basis for News From Home – Plovdiv was a 6 week artist-residency in Summer 2022. During the residency the artists conducted field research within this community – making observations, meeting the community and capturing photographs. The outcome of this research and visual imagery was the creation of a large-scale photographic composition, presented in public space.

The aim of this work is to explore the subtle yet meaningful stories of Plovdiv from the past, present and imagined future, drawing inspiration from both the community and the artists’ own interpretations. The final composition consists of hundreds of individual elements, inspired by the multi-layered identity of Plovdiv. Through this collision of diverse layers, the work celebrates the unique urban identity of Plovdiv as a place of ancient history, socialist heritage, modern reality and future dreams.

Instagram: @news_from_home


ANNE FEHRES (1988, The Netherlands) and LUKE CONROY (1990, Australia) are a multidisciplinary artist duo currently based in The Netherlands. Their practice engages with socio-cultural topics in meaningful yet playful ways, utilising humour and irony as essential tools for critical reflection and expression. The outcome of their work utilises an ever-evolving multimedia and audiovisual practice which includes photography, digital-art, video, sound, VR, textile, text and installation.

The artist duo’s interest in socio-cultural topics is informed by Anne’s background in documentary film and audio-visual design (Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Ghent, Belgium, 2013) and Luke’s background in sociology, photography and education (University of Tasmania, Australia, 2013). In their work they are especially interested in undertaking projects which explore how broader socio-cultural events, processes and systems at a macro level can shape and be shaped by personal experiences at a micro level.


CONTEXT AiR is a program for creative residencies in the city of Plovdiv, produced by the Municipality of Plovdiv. It started in 2021, and from 2022 the curator of CONTEXT AiR is SVETLANA KUYUMDZHIEVA

The program aims at creating new works, partnerships, interventions in public space, inspired by the city and its eclectic mix of ancient history, socialist heritage and modern reality.

• In May and June, in Plovdiv was held the residency of the Ukrainian visual artist Daria Pugachova.

• In June and July, the Belgian sculptor Simon Van Parys created the installation “A City Portrait of Plovdiv” which is on view until October – night and day – at the yard of the City Art Gallery – Plovidv on 14A Saborna str. in the Old Town

• In October and November in Plovdiv will be the Armenian choreographer and dancer Rima Pipoyan – for the fourth and last in 2022 creative residency.

Partners of CONTEXT AiR in 2022 are the Singer-Zahariev Foundation, City Art Gallery – Plovdiv, Pod tepeto, BNT – Regional Television Center Plovdiv.

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Instagram @contextplovdiv

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