Notes on Bov

Depoo Gallery, 12 Vrabcha Street, Sofia

9-16.05.2023 | Opening: 9/05/2023, 7:00 p.m

Curator: Atanas Levakov
Producer: Visionary  

Johannes Mundiger is the first guest artist at the KOREN residency (29.04.-5.05.). He is currently residing in Bov, exploring the nature and landscape features of the place and working for the exhibition.

Villa Bov perches above the Iskar Valley, and the view from the studio window stretches over the tracks and the road on either side of the waterway, narrowing in a curve following its path, disappearing behind the next mountain. Below the villa, a side valley branches off, with several rows of houses nestled between trees on its slope. It leads to a rock ledge over which a waterfall plunges. 

The quarry, which processes the rock into gravel on the opposite side of the valley, is unmistakably prominent, intruding into the idyllic perception.

Johannes Mundinger processes these impressions and translates them into painting. Like the quarry, he breaks down the impressions of the valley into individual elements, dissects the lines and structures, and rearranges them, blending them with elements from his repertoire. The result is abstracted notes, Notes on Bov.

Mundinger is a painter and muralist from Berlin. He works also in the sphere of installation and initiates collaborative projects.  His work, especially murals and installations, addresses the locations for which the works are created. On the one hand, Mundinger examines the historical or social context and, on the other hand, he plays with formal elements provided by the location.

More about the author and his work on the official pages:

KOREN is a creative multidisciplinary art residency, located in the picturesque Balkan Mountains near Sofia, Bulgaria. The residency presents a program that aims to unfold and display a culture that responds to nature and uses surrounding insights as a source of inspiration.

It is meant as the beginning of a sustainable collaboration between Visionary and Atanas Levakov as curator and mentor and Magdalena Dudova as creative visionary and photographer. The intention is to present an annual & regular format as one of the main pillars of Visionary’s art program for developing visual artists.

KOREN is a collaboration between Visionary x Atanas Levakov x Magdalena Dudova.

In 2023, the KOREN residency is organized with the financial support of the National Culture Fund, Bulgaria, Program for the Restoration and Development of Private Cultural Organizations, and The Singer-Zahariev Foundation and in partnership with SuperHosting.BG.

Below are some photos from our visit to KOREN and the exhibiton opening at Depoo.

Text credits: Visonary Foundation

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