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Pravoliub Ivanov, Childhood, 2014
20 x 10 x 60 cm (size without the cable)
Courtesy of the artist and Le Guern Gallery, Warsaw

“Open Art Files” was developed by the director of Open Arts Foundation Vesselina Sarieva, in collaboration with Svetlana Kuyumdzhieva, artistic director of MF “Plovdiv 2019”, and curator and art historian Vera Mlechevska. It is a database of Bulgarian Contemporary art with in-depth information about artists, spaces, and exhibitions.

The articles by curators, critics, art historians, and artists are well-researched and give a great insight into Bulgarian Contemporary art for a domestic and international audience.

The Foundation is happy to be a supporter of  “Open Art Files” and to make a contribution to its further development. 

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Pravdoliub IVANOV, artist

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